Debit vs. Credit Cards

Posted by on 5/23/2013 to FAQ
Many online stores do not accept debit cards. We do, but please note that your card authorization may take up to 3 weeks to clear.

When you shop with us your cards are authorized (pre-approved) for the amount of your shopping cart. Once we receive the order in our fulfillment center there maybe adjustments made to the final cost (quantity changes etc). This is the amount that will be captured on your card.

This is a two step process and the authorization is not always cleared off your account at the time the funds are captured.

This can be a problem with DEBIT cards as they will often hold the authorization even longer than a standard credit card.

We recommend using a credit card over a debit card, but understand that is not always an option. If you have questions about using a debit card or wish to place your order over the phone, please contact us.